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............ The RANGE OFFICER
Range Officer Model

Never before has there been such a versatile unit at such a low price. This timer has a bult in voice module that automatically gives the required command for the selected event. The on-board tone generator will give a 1/2 second long tone to start and a 1 second long tone to stop. The unit comes with volume control as well as an output jack for earphones. This output can be used to feed into the high input of a PA System. This feature allows you to run a firing line if the turning targets malfunction.

Price: $179.00 US (plus $25.00 shipping (per unit) to continental U.S.
...total $204.00 ea)
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The following settings are available:
  • NRA Time-fire 10 min
  • NRA Time-fire 20 sec
  • NRA rapid-fire 10 seconds
  • ISU Standard Pistol 2.5 min
  • ISU Standard Pistol 20 sec
  • ISU Standard Pistol 10 sec
  • ISU Center Fire 5 min
  • ISU Center Rapid Fire
  • ISU Rapid Fire 8 sec
  • ISU Rapid Fire 6 sec
  • ISU Rapid Fire 4 sec
  • Train 1
  • Train 2
  • PPC 90 seconds
  • PPC 20 seconds
  • PPC 12 seconds


  • 16 Programmed Settings
  • Voice Commands
  • Volume Control
  • Output jack for earphones
  • Microprocessor Timing Control
    (not recorded)
  • 3" wide x 5.5" long x 1.75" deep
  • "Power On" light
  • Battery Operated


The rotary selector switch lets you select the event you want to shoot.
After loading your rounds, all you have to do is press start. The commands for the selected event will be given automatically. No load commands will be given.

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