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............ The COACH
Range Commander Model


We now have what every shooter always wanted but could not afford Your own private Coach. We have designed an electronic system that will help you to shoot better!90 % of shooters have a problem with putting the gun down when holding too long. In almost all cases this will result in a bad shot.Our new system "The Coach" will tell you when to put the gun down. Here is how it works:

  • The system consists of a switch plate and a control unit
  • The shooter can select the optimum time required that he or she requires for a good let off
  • The time is selectable from 4 seconds to 18 seconds in steps of one second.
  • The shooter will place the barrel of the gun or the shooting hand on the switch plate which has been positioned on the bench.
Price: $450.00 US (plus $30.00 shipping (per unit) to continental U.S.
...total $485.00 ea)
Please Note:
This item is available by special order only
To purchase "The Coach" email me at

As the shooter raises the shooting arm the control unit starts the count down.When the preset time has elapsed there will be a voice command will tell the shooter to put the gun down. The system will reset it self automatically when the shooter puts the gun down on to the switch plate.

The Coach has spoken! The Coach - the next in our series of unique innovative systems - has a built in voice module together with volume control and a jack for ear phones . This will allow you practice without disturbing other shooters.

    • 4 seconds
    • 5 seconds
    • 6 seconds
    • 7 seconds
    • 8 seconds
    • 9 seconds
    • 10 second
    • 11 seconds
    • 12 seconds
    • 13 seconds
    • 14 seconds
    • 15 seconds
    • 16 seconds
    • 17 seconds
    • 18 second

Power source is a standard 9 volt battery


  • 15 programmed settings
  • Voce command
  • Volume control
  • Out put jack for ear phones
  • Micro controller timing
  • Compact 3 inch wide 5.5 inch long 1.75 inch deep.
  • Switch plate size is : 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch
  • Power on light


For further information on any of our models
contact hans@targettimers.com