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............ The GYM MASTER

Here is the newest product of Target Timers.
Another innovative design in timing technology.

System description.

This system is designed for Gyms that specialize in timed machine workouts. A person will be exercising for a specific time on a specific machine. After the time has elapsed the person will move on to an other machine. Our timer unit will provide the timing for these events. After the pre set time has elapsed a voice command will tell the person to change stations.

Price: $ 180.00 US plus shipping...see below


Price: $180.00 US (plus $20.00 shipping (per unit) to continental U.S.
...total $200.00 ea)
Please Note: on-line shopping is available to our U.S. customers only
Due to variable degrees of shipping costs and taxes, on-line shopping is available to our U.S. customers only at this time. All other customers are requested to contact Target Timers for a quote to include appropriate shipping and taxes (if required)
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The following settings are available.

  • 2 min
  • 20 sec
  • 30 sec
  • 45 sec
  • 1min
  • 1min30sec
  • 2min15sec
  • 2min30sec
  • 3min
  • 3min30sec
  • 4min
  • 5min
  • 5min30sec
  • 6min
  • 6min30sec

The unit has a build in speaker as well as an out put for a PA system.
It is powered by a 9 volt Battery .
There is also a input for an external 9 volt DC power supply.
The unit comes complete with an 9 Volt DC external wall plug in power supply.


Operational information.

The unit has a start and reset button.
All the user has to do is press start and the unit will cycle until the reset button is pressed or the power is turned off.

After pressing the start button the timer will time the pre set time selected on the front panel of the timer. When the time has elapsed the timer will give the command to change stations and start the next timing cycle.

This timer will replace any tape recorders used now. No rewinding tapes.

For further information on any of our models
contact hans@targettimers.com