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This Portable Archery Timing System is designed to accurately time your Archery Events, Practice Time, and any Sport Events where a count down clock is required.

Programmable in Archery Mode for Single or Double Lines with 2:20 and 4:20 Events with optional warning signals.

Due to variable degrees of shipping costs and taxes, on-line shopping is available to our U.S. customers only at this time. All other customers are requested to contact Target Timers for a quote to include appropriate shipping and taxes (if required)
Controller Only - $236.00 + $15.00 Shipping = $251.00 USD  
Display Only - $395.00 + $25.00 Shipping = $420.00 USD  
Display and Controller $575.00 + $30.00 Shipping = $605.00 USD  

Timer Features:

  • Four programmable events Archery, Loop and Sport
  • Programmable on or off, Start and warning buzzers
  • Manual warning buzzers when Controller is stopped  
  • Accurate to 1/1000 of a second (i.e. 58.564 seconds)
  • Displays your event time in 1000's when stopped.
  • Time transmits wireless to a remote Display for Competitors and Audience viewing
  • Quick reset feature to keep the action moving.
  • Outside dimensions - 4 1/2 " x 2 3/4" x 1" (114mm x 70 mm x 25mm)
  • Power: One Standard 9 VDC Alkaline battery
  • Display: Multi Digit LCD
  • LCD Area - 1 1/2 " x 1/2 " (38mm x 13mm)
  • Input: Flat tactile keyboard
  • Weight - 5.3 Oz (150 Grams) with 9 Volt Battery Installed
  • Operation range: 10F-105F / -10C to 40C
  • Belt Clip
  • Optional Nylon Carry Case available

The Official Time is always the time recorded on the Controller.

Display Features:

  • Receives wireless transmission from the Controller (Timer) for start, stop and time display
  • Accurate to 1000's of a second while timer is running
  • Outside dimensions - 14 1/2 " x 6 3/4" x 1 5/8" (368mm x 171mm x 42mm)
  • LCD Area - 13" x 4 5/8 " (330mm x 119mm) LCD Area - 13" x 4 5/8 " (330mm x 119mm)
  • Large LCD numbers - 4" tall by 2" wide
  • Weight - 2 1/2 pounds (1.15K)
  • Power: One Standard 9 volt Alkaline DC battery or 110V power supply (provided)
  • Operation range: 10F-105F / -10C to 40C
  • Wireless operation of 100+ feet (35 meters)
  • Time visible up to 75 feet (25 meters) away
  • Multi-channel RF communication allows multiple events to be run simultaneously without interference
  • Can be mounted on a standard camera tripod (not included) using our Optional Tripod Mount.


Readout flashes on the Large Display for first 20 Seconds and last 30 Seconds of your time in "Archery Mode"
(Adjustable Archery Mode programming)

The combination of Controller (Timer) and Display allows easy official control, user and audience viewing at the same time.

Start the event with a simple press and release of a button, warning the competitors with our optional start signals.

At the end of the event a triple end buzzer sounds to inform the competitors that the event time has expired.

Stop the event early with a button press and release on the Controller and then manually activate the buzzer as required to inform the competitor that the event is over or all stop.

Programmable Loop Mode to countsdown from 3 seconds to 10 hours in full second increments and then automatically cycles the Loop over until stopped by the operator. End of time signal is programmed by the operator either on or off. (Ideal for Cadence Practice)

Loop Mode with End Signal Turned On

Programmable Sport Mode to count down from 3 seconds to 10 hours in full seconds. Start and Stop signals are programmed by the operator either on or off. ( Will run almost any Sporting Event where a Count down Clock is required in full seconds)

Sport Mode with Stop and Start Signals Turned On

This small, reliant, and yet affordable device records time to the 1/1000 of a second and runs on a simple 9V battery. Used for competitive events or for personal training, you won’t regret owning your own Archery Controller and Display Combination.